Gemini Magazine Poetry Competition

From David Bright


Congrats to Leonore Hildebrandt for taking first place (and the $1,000 prize) in the Gemini Magazine Poetry Open for “Rock Me.” Second place: Kendal Privette’s “for a girl, unknown” about the desperation of anorexia. Third: the tongue-in-cheek “Swagger (God hollas at Mary)” by Letitia Montgomery-Rodgers.

Honorable mentions go to award-winning filmmaker-poet Paula C. Brancato, “outlaw” writer Chellis Glendinning, who lives on an organic farm in Bolivia, and Julia Older, author of 33 books.

In his essay, “No ‘Prozac Faces’ in Baghdad,” Ali Shakir explains why most Iraqis shun antidepressants.

Read LaShonda Katrice Barnett’s “533,” a moving short story set in Brooklyn, and don’t miss Michael A. Kechula’s short story, “The Greatest Flamenco Dancer in All Flydom,” a “Gemini classic” from 2009.

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