Results Culpepper Remedy Booklet Competition 2019

Selecting two winners from the shortlist turned out to be far more difficult than we thought. The overall quality of those selected for the shortlist meant that we could have had another 15 winners. But there could only be two and finally I am pleased to announce that the winners are;


Winner is

Undercurrent by Simon Jacks

(the second winner has been withdrawn by the entrant and it was necessary to select a relacement)

Low Season by M G Khan


Both of these collections displayed an authenticity and clarity which made many of the poems stand out. The voices are clear and unequivocal. The winning collections will be published by us in the summer of 2020.


Congratulations to the winners and may I say to those below, you too deserve congratulations for coming this far in the process. It was a pleasure to read such fine poetry.


The following are all Highly Commended in our competition


Handiwork by Steve May
In The deep by Elizabeth Uter

Instructions for the Maskwearer by Penny Hope

Moddey Doo by Simon Maddrell

Noted dilemmas by Michael Caines

shades of blue by Lucy Crispin

Songs From A Beautiful Mind by Rhiannon Ward

Subtle Violence by Nicola Vaughan
That Hard Place by Pauline May

The Depths of Light by Roy Sadler

The Games we Play by David Duncombe

The hill that is a dream by Antonio Pereira Ramalho
Traces by Jack Faricy

Waves at the Arboretum by Howard Timms






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